It May Surprise You How Much You Can Save

 Property owners and managers just like you are reducing costs while maintaining the value of their properties every day through a free Cleaning Analysis from CCS. Our offer today is simple. Give CCS the opportunity to review your property to determine if We can save you up to 15% on your annual cleaning costs.

Here’s how it works.

We review your property, increase or decrease some tasks based on the activity and needs of your facility and implement a new program that will improve the quality of cleaning and help reduce your costs.

Reduce Maintenance Expenses

Since 1999, we’ve brought our commercial cleaning and maintenance experience to work for you. CCS Take the 15% Challenge program is designed to reduce building maintenance expenses and improve the health of your building. Our professionals can keep your building or facility spotless while minimizing your worries.

Your building will receive the most efficient cleaning solutions possible. That means we take the time to understand how best to service your property.

CCS will provide a creative and effective program to maximize the health and appearance of your property.

Discover how CCS can make a difference.

"Click Here To Get Started" or call us today at 972-262-3120 and ask to speak to someone about the 15% Challenge.

This offer is for new or returning clients only.